Winter Maintenance for Metal Roofs:

3 Simple Steps you Can Take

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Winter Maintenance for Metal Roofs:

3 Simple Steps You Can Take

It's little wonder that so many homeowners are making the switch from asphalt shingles to metal roofing, especially during the winter months, thanks to their exceptional energy efficiency, low maintenance, and ability to hold up under heavy snow and ice.

Even with all these benefits, your metal roof may need just a little 'TLC' this time of year. By following these three simple tips you can help to ensure that your roof will perform at its best.

1. Keep Gutters Clean

Just like any other type of roofing, regular gutter maintenance is essential for water drainage. During the course of the year, wet leaves and dirt can build up in your gutter and can damage your metal roof. Winter is the perfect time for gutter cleaning, as most leaves have fallen, so be sure to remove debris from your gutters.

2. Trim Trees And Branches

While metal roofs are extremely tough, constant rubbing and abrasion from limbs can damage the finish. Keep your trees trimmed and away from your roof. Doing so will also help keep gutters clean. Usually this a fairly quick and easy process, and the benefits are definitely worth it.

3. Brush Away Debris

Thanks to smoother surfaces and finishes, metal roofs tend to shed debris more easily than other roofs. Occasionally, you may find that debris can sometimes get stuck in certain areas of your roof. Simply use a brush to sweep debris off verses trying to loosen it with a hose. 

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Consider installing snow guards. In heavy snowfall, large clumps of snow that can be dangerous when large clumps of snow and ice give way suddenly and without warning. Even in climates where snow accumulation is rare, it’s always a good idea to have snow guards on your metal roof that help keep frozen precipitation in place and cause it to melt or slid off in small pieces rather than dangerous chunks. Snow guards can be installed on existing metal roofs; contact a qualified contractor or roof to ensure proper installation.

*Never attempt to perform maintenance on any roof during severe weather. The safest and best time to perform maintenance is in advance of storm seasons. It’s always wise to consider enlisting help to maintain your roof from an experienced and licensed qualified professional contractor.

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