Will a Metal Roof Make My Home Look Too Commercial?

Curb Appeal

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Making Your Home Beautiful

When choosing your roofing material some people shy away from a metal roof because of the common misconception that it will make their home look like a business. In fact, some realtors may even try to steer you away from metal roofing because it might diminish “curb appeal” in their opinion.

While you can certainly buy a metal roof that will be unflattering to your home’s aesthetics and overall appeal, there are so many options with a metal roof that are far more attractive than a traditional shingle roof. Below are some examples:

colors, Colors, COLORS!

Most contractors will have a color chart for you to select the right color to either match or compliment your choice of siding on your home, whether that is stone, wood, vinyl or brick. At Metal Exteriors we only use products with premium paint applied and we guarantee the color of your roof for 40 years!

Metal Ribs

When most people think of metal roofs, they think of the traditional slat style. These are long pieces of metal rolled and formed. They fit in interlocking grooves that are then screwed into place. While this is the most common form found on commercial building. Ribs designed for residential use are often painted and cut in such a way to accentuate the best parts of your home, making for a more beautiful whole.

Metal Shingles

If the ribs are not your cup of tea, metal roofs can also come in a more traditional looking shingle. These shingles also come in a wide variety of colors and can give you the more traditional look. Metal Exteriors offers metal shakes and slates as well that can really set your home apart and give you added dimensions to your home not available with asphalt shingles.

Coated Shingles

Another option with metal shingles is that you can have them coated in stone. Stone coated metal shingles are another beautifying option as well as a value add to any property. When paired with stone siding, this roofing option sets a new standard in looks and longevity. Not only that but the coated shingles also help to deaden sound from rain, hail and wind making your home quieter and more inviting inside as well as out.

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