Why do asphalt shingles fail?

The weaknesses of traditional asphalt shingles


An honest look at ashpalt shingles...

Why do asphalt shingles fail?

Composition shingles are typically manufactured from felt or fiberglass material with small stones glued to the surface. As soon as these shingles are installed, the wind, weather, and heat from the sun begin to break down the asphalt-based adhesives, causing them to eventually fail. This sets off a process where the shingles begin to curl, crack, and streak.

Shingles also act like a sponge, soaking up the sun’s radiant heat and trapping it inside the home’s attic. Because shingles hold onto their heat, the home’s air-conditioning unit has to work harder to keep the house cool.

The average shingle roof lasts only 17 – 19 years, and this can be dramatically less in hot climates and extreme weather situations. Unfortunately, neither normal wear and tear or damage from extreme heat are covered by their manufacturer’s warranty.

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