What are the benefits of Textured Metal Roofing?

Find out what all the hype is about...


What are the benefits of Textured Metal Roofing?

Why all the excitement about textured metal roofing?

One of the fastest growing and most innovative fields today are the metal roofing and siding industries. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, and has also managed to produce some amazing innovations, putting long lasting and affordable roofing and siding within the reach of homeowners everywhere.

Textured paint metal roofing and siding is no exception to this innovative trend. Textured finish is making a real impact on the metal roofing and siding industry. There are several reasons for this and we’ll outline a few of them for you. It’s important to note, that textured painted will not replace the smooth coated products that have been used for years, however it is an excellent option to look at.

What are the improvements of a Textured Finish?

Less Glare - The textured finish greatly minimizes the glare that certain colors of smooth finish metal roofs can have. For many people, this lends to a more desirable look and feel of their home or building.

Better scratch resistance - Because the surface of the metal textured, it will better resist small scuffs and scratches, helping to keep your roof look beautiful for decades to come.

Better traction - If you have ever needed to walk on a metal roof, you are aware that depending on the weather conditions, it can be difficult to maintain traction and keep your balance. The textured surface greatly improves traction. This is a benefit for both the installers and the homeowners.

To Summarize - Textured Painted metal is an excellent option for anyone who wants the long life of smooth metal roofing and would also enjoy the increased beauty, durability, and function offered by this unique innovation.

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