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HeartTech Siding
ProVia's HeartTech Super Polymer Siding is rated #1 Siding Best Buy. It offers real value while giving your home the beauty, style and maintenance-free exterior you need. HeartTech is offered in 30 different colors and 4 different profiles. It is engineered for sustainability and durability.

Heart Tech Siding Profiles

Double 4" Dutch Lap

Double 4" Straight Lap

Double 5" Dutch Lap

Double 5" Straight Lap

HeartTech Siding - Double 4'' Dutch Lap
HeartTech Double 4'' Straight Lap
HeartTech Double 5'' Dutch Lap
HeartTech Double 5'' Straight Lap

Features and Specs
• Super Polymer Formulation
• Double Ply Nailing Hem
• Tri-Pigment Technology & Weather Barrier Shield
• Woodgrain Impression
• Natural Patina Finish
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• Windoad tested to *230 mph