Benefits of a Metal Roof in Winter

Winter is upon us again. Folks are firing up furnaces and space heaters all across America. Most of us want to avoid being around metal when the temperatures drop below freezing, but did you know having a metal roof and/or metal siding can actually keep your home warmer and save you money on heating costs? Unlike asphalt roofs or other traditional shingle styles, metal doesn’t swell and contract thus moisture cannot enter your home. Once moisture gets into the attic, it starts to affect your insulation degrading its effectiveness. When moisture is present, it can create hot zones and cold zones forcing you to adjust the thermostat in your home to compensate. Even if you don’t touch the thermostat, if the furnace detects a cold zone it fires up more heat costing you money. This same affect can be had on your siding, over the years this hot and cold affect could cost you thousands.

That’s fine for the winter, but what happens when the sun comes out and starts heating the metal? Some of us remember those metal slides at the playground as kids. Their polished, mirrored surfaces were so slick, but by the time the afternoon sun hit them you could get third degree burns on your backside if you weren’t careful. With metal roofing and siding solutions from Metal Exteriors all our products are carefully coated and painted to reflect the heat from the sun. This allows your home’s insulation to do its job properly being affected neither by exterior cold nor heat to the degree traditional building materials suffer.

Metal roofs also have the advantage during heavy snows. When temperatures are very low and snow builds up on your roof, a metal roof can use the snow as extra layer of insulation. However, as temperatures rise snow won’t remain on your roof where it can cause structural damage. Metal roofs are specifically designed to shed snow and rain quickly. All told this equals increased value all year round Call our design department today and ask about winter-proofing your home!

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