The Advantages to Choosing a Pole Building

Take a look at the facts

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Why choose a pole building?

Maybe what you should be asking is; Why not?


They are affordable, easy to insulate, fast to build, and simple to design. You can use them for a wide range of applications from basic storage to a shop, living quarters, or even a restaurant. Pole barns are exceptionally versatile. If you are in beginning stages of planning your project, you probably are considering the different choices you have in construction: Pole Buildings, Wood Frame or Steel Frame. To help you in this process we have compiled a list of things for you to consider. We hope this aids you in making an informed decision.

                                                  Pole Building                            Wood Frame                      Steel Frame

Price                                            Cheaper                                 More expensive              Most expensive

Design                                          Most Adaptable                    More Adaptable               Least Adaptable

Usability                                       Most Usable                          More Usable                    Least Usable

Insulation                                      Easier to Insulate                  Easiest to Insulate          Hardest to Insulate

Finished Interior                           Easiest to finish                     Easier to Finish               Hardest to finish

Clear Spans                                  Not as wide                             Not as wide                   Widest

Foundation                                   Wood poles                           Block Foundation             Concrete piers

Life Expectancy                            46-60 yrs                                60-80 yrs                         80-100 yrs

Basement                                        No                                            Yes                                    No

Speed to Build                               Fastest                                    Slowest                            Faster

Partitions                                        Yes                                          Yes                                    Yes

Complies with Building Codes        Yes                                          Yes                                    Yes

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