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As a homeowner you may be interested in a new metal roof on your home, but you worry that your home may end up looking like some sort of a barn.  If so, then you should consider installing a Metal Shingles Roof that can provide the same outstanding performance as other metal roofing systems, while keeping a unique look of conventional roof systems (such as asphalt shingles).

If you own a classic colonial or a brick house, then metal shingles is the way to go, especially if you want to preserve that “authentic traditional look”, yet, have all the benefits of a metal roof. Interlocking metal shingle roof is the second most popular type of residential metal roofing, after standing seam.

Steel is the fastest growing material in roofing today and provides innovative charm and everlasting protection for home and business owners alike. EDCO’s award-winning collection of roofing products - Infiniti Textured Shake, ArrowLine Shake & Slate and Generations HD, offers timeless beauty to achieve the look you desire.

A distinguishing characteristic of metal shingles is the low profile, this allows for easy walking on metal shingles (during installation), without damaging the shingles, along with a simplified roof flashing system which is easier to install, and therefore costs less compared to standing seam.

Take a look at our Metal Shingles Photo Gallery found under the product tab. We are sure you will be impressed with the style and durability of the product.

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