Is a Metal Roof good in the Winter?

The Durability & Strength of Metal Roofing


Metal in the Winter


With the recent change in weather its no secret that winter is right around the corner. For many of us that means snow and ice coming down on our roofs. If you have had a metal roof for years, then you know the advantages but if you’ve just installed a metal roof or are thinking about installing before winter sets in then here are some great things to consider.

One of the biggest issues in the winter is water damage caused by melting snow and ice that can water down asphalt shingles. With a metal roof this eliminates that problem. A strong metal roof can resist the damages caused by heavy snow, ice and extra water. The design of metal roofing allows the roof to resist the harsh weather conditions that could potentially cause damage interiorly as the watertight seal doesn’t allow for holes such as shingles.

With a metal roof you’ll also cut down on heating cost, with a well-insulated roof there is less holes for the heat to escape from. Metal roofs are also designed to shed off snow in a clean sweep directing snow away from high traffic areas. Snow guards can be installed so that snow can be shifted away from walkways and entrances.

With winter fast approaching it’s the perfect time to install a metal roof. To keep the heat in and cut down on heating costs saving money and protecting from future water damages.  

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