Is a Metal Roof Worth The Cost?

The Value of Metal Roofing

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Value of a Metal Roof

The Cost Benefit of a Metal Roof?

The first question most people have about home improvement is, ‘what is this going to cost?’ One of the single biggest costs associated with home ownership is roof replacement. It is foregone conclusion that you will replace a roof at some point in your life. Often this expense will come immediately following a bad storm or some other unexpected problem when you are least prepared to pay for one.


A tab shingle roof might only last 10 years and regular asphalt shingle rooves will stretch that to 20, maybe 25 if you live in an area with little to no bad weather. Whereas the life cycle of a professionally installed metal roof can be anywhere between 40 up to 70 years!


There are plenty of (do-it-yourselfers) in the roofing business, people who know just enough to get the job done. Unfortunately, this means corners might be cut and while they may offer huge discounts you are getting EXACTLY what you pay for. Installing a metal roof takes very specialized skills and each roofer must go through rigorous training, which ensures you get a professional job every time.


Metal roofing requires higher end materials every step of the way, the metal slats or shingles must meet certain guidelines in order to be installed; consequently, with a metal roof you know your home is protected.


Since metal roofs are more durable and longer lasting, it constitutes reduced risk for insurance companies. So, many insurance companies will offer reduced homeowner insurance rates on homes with a metal roof vs. one with a traditional roof. Reduced premiums also extend to other structures on your property that also have a metal roof installed. So, when considering a metal roof remember to ask about that shed, detached garage or workshop!


A good roofing company will offer financing, so in those hard moments when a storm damages your traditional roof, apply for financing on a metal roof. Your insurance company will likely cover only the cost to replace your traditional roof and leave you exposed to the next big storm. Financing at a low interest rate will help cover the difference in your covered loss check (if you even get one) and help you prevent future damage to your home.

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