Frequently Asked Questions

Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

As a matter of fact, no. The shape of the panel keeps it from reverberating like flat metal roofing does. Your attic insulation will also absorb most of the sound. A metal roof is every bit as quiet as an asphalt shingle roof.

Will Hail Easily Damage My Metal Roof?

Our metal roofs have passed UL 2218 Impact Testing with a Class 4 rating, the highest available. Because they are constructed of high-quality steel, it doesn’t lose its impact-resistance with age like many other roofing materials. All this means that your Metal Exterior's roof will offer lasting dependability for years to come.

Can You Walk On A Metal Roof?

You can absolutely walk on a metal roof. The structure of our steel roofing panels make them extremely durable, and that durability means that you won't damage your metal roof by walking on it.

Will Strong Winds Damage My Metal Roof?

Metal Exterior's Roofing systems are designed to withstand extremely high winds. In addition to locking on all four sides, the our roofing panels are anchored to the roof deck with incredibly tough screws that are virtually impossible to pull out.

Will My Energy Bills Go Up With A Metal Roof?

Our metal roofing is so energy efficient that homeowners have often seen their air conditioning costs decrease by up to thirty percent and their heating bill decrease by 10% after the roof was installed. This is because rather than allowing heat to pass into your attic, the roofing panels reflect up to 94.5 percent of the sun’s rays. This means a lighter load for your air conditioner and reduced energy bills for you.

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