The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Metal Exteriors

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Contractors Love Us!

There are so many reasons why you should choose us as your supplier!

Below we have a brief explanation of how we prefer to do business with our contractors. We think you will agree, there is no reason to look elsewhere!  


Metal Exteriors carries a wide selection of innovative roofing and siding products (stone-coated shingles, metal shingles, etc.)


The quality of our roofing and siding products is second to none and is backed by our 40-year limited warranty.


Metal Exteriors respects and treats its contractors and customers with integrity. Customer service has always been our #1 priority.


Metal Exteriors manufactures a wide variety of profile and trim options and regularly stocks key trim pieces for immediate pickup.


Metal Exteriors boasts lightening fast, industry leading turn around times. With most orders ready to go in just 24 hours.

So let's get started! It’s easier than you think. Give us a call today, we will be happy to answer any of your questions and get you started!

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