Choosing The Right Exterior

The Durability & Strength of Metal Siding

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It Pays to Look At All Your Options...

Consider all the options when choosing the exterior for your new home or outbuilding.

Metal siding has been used across ranches, countryside homes, and mountain homes for years. The most popular panel styles have traditionally been corrugated, panel siding often seen cladding barns. Colors play an important factor in achieving a rustic metal siding appearance.  Choosing a metal panel to achieve a rustic look often comes down to the color options. In the hands of a creative designer, almost any panel can give off a rustic look with the right colors.  For a barn feel, homeowners find red siding with white trim very popular. Lighter shades of browns and tans are also a very popular option. If you need inspiration, take a trip into the countryside and use your phone to snap pictures of older buildings.

Our Parallel Rib Panel is a premium steel system. It's a low-profile metal panel, making it an excellent choice in both roofing and siding applications. It brings all the value, quality, and durability of premium steel roofing, all at an affordable price! Our Parallel Rib Panel offers a wonderful combination of beauty and function making it the perfect choice for home owners, farmers, and just about anyone else who wants an affordable steel siding option.

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