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Showing Some Style with Board and Batten

Board and batten siding has a unique and versatile style. Slim, vertical boards (known as battens) are layered over the top of wide, flat boards, creating a subtly textured effect that draws you in whether you are up close or far away.  If you are looking for that rustic “Farmhouse” style the siding is installed on the vertical, or if you prefer a more “Classic “or “Contemporary” look, or only just to add some definition to your home, installing it on the horizontal gives you just what you’re looking for. You can use this for a contrasting design, [as in the gables] or on the entire exterior.

The value of using our Board and Batten steel siding is in the quality of the product you will receive. While traditional alternating-panel wood siding has a charming, rustic look, our steel option also maintains that natural appearance, but with several other significant advantages:

  • The style of wooden siding with the durability of steel.
  • 16 smooth and 12 textured colors.
  • 40-year paint warranty.
  • 11” reveal and a ¾” deep batten.
  • Hidden fastener system.
  • Custom sizing available.

Our Steel Board and Batten siding is weather and insect resistant. It is easy to maintain and does not require the pampering and prevention that wood does. And with the premium warranties that come with all our products, you can not go wrong.

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